Friday, February 1, 2013

Book App is coming!

Wanted to let everyone know that the Adventures of One Sock Book App is on the Go! I should be getting a beta sometime next week and so far everything is looking great! I want to thank our Developer Katrin for her awesome time and Professional work she has put in this project. I also want to thank Priyakh for providing the voice for the narration of the One Sock book. Everything is coming into place and once I receive more information for when the book will be available for the itunes, i will be posting links and and possible another giveaway!

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Thank you everyone for you support in bringing One Sock to life! You guys totally Rock!

You can also find One Sock on Amazon:


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Book Giveaway

For anyone who has not had the chance to pick up their copy of Adventures of One Sock, there's still another chance. The great ladies over at Appabled are now offering a contest for a signed copy of the 2nd book in the One Sock series. Here's the link to sign up and get your copy.

Feel free to pass it along to others who might enjoy One Sock and his many Adventures with growing up. Once again I want to thank everyone who's helped in making this book become possible and for many kids enjoy and laugh with One Sock:)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Book becoming an App

This week I hope to be working on getting Adventures of One Sock into an App. I think I found the voice for the project. Everything seems to be moving forward. Lets all cross our fingers this project gets on it's way. I want to thank everyone in the process and much love to everyone who's made this happen.

Friday, December 28, 2012


So many of you know that I have been working on an APP for the Adventures of One Sock book. I have a wonderful and talented Artist who is willing to do the App for us. Now what I don't have is a voice for the narration of the book. Someone told me I should read and do the voice since my voice sounds good. But to me, I don't think my voice is all that everyone says it is. I'm looking for that soothing voice, the one that every child loves to hear when being read to before bedtime.

So I ask from the readers and fans out there, if you have that voice or know someone who does, please refer them to my direction. I will send them a PDF copy and await a sample with their voice. I know my person who is doing the App will be available in January to make this happen. Any Feedback is welcome.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Confusion over my book

So I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine. She told me she was buying a copy of my latest Adventures of One Sock book for her friend who's child had Autism. I asked what about picking up a copy for her own kids. She paused for a minute then ask that I not get offended that she didn't want her kids to read it cause they weren't special needs.

Now I have been getting this a lot since both my children's books have come out. Now I know my Adventures of One Sock series is based off my son who is special needs, but the book is written for every child and adult to read. I didn't write the book just for one gender, I wrote the book so everyone can enjoy. Now let me tell you, by doing what I did; I was bashed by many in the special needs community. I was told my book wasn't Autism enough, or that I failed as a father and didn't capture what Autism is really about. I was even told how dare I write a book about my son who has Autism and not talk about Autism in my book. Now if your a parent who has a child with special needs you will see some of the signs of Autism in the book, and I'm sure the child who has Autism might see it as well. But if your not used to being around a child who has special needs, you would of never known. My own brother told me he thought my book was going to be different, He mentioned to me that he thought the book was going to be a learning book about Autism. He actually loves both my books and both his daughters love reading them.

I feel there are too many books on the subject and mine would only be lost to others that have already talked and showed people what Autism is. I wanted my son to read and enjoy the book and not be reminded of how different he is. When you go to the movies or even read a book, would you like to be reminded how your life is. No you don't, we all go to lose ourselves in our imaginations for a few hours in our day. I wrote the Adventures of One Sock books so every child that loves to read can enjoy. I believe that every child has an Adventure to share. I made sure the my book was a fun and easy read with many colors. I notice kids love reading books with lots of colors. I had the opportunity to work with Natalie the Artist who did a very outstanding job with the Illustrations. Also need to give credit to the Editor AJ, who also did an awesome job in helping me with my writing. I know I made her frustrated with many of my words. I do tend to mispell at times.

I had to write this blog to sort out the confusion people have about the Adventures of One Sock book. I think every child will love the Adventures and even yourself as a parent will find the child within themselves reading my books.

Now someone asked what's my next book, the next book that I am doing is called "Daddy Tales". Daddy Tales is pretty much my family and how we are with 5 kids and 3 cats. I think everyone would be able to relate to the humor in this book. This book will be more of a picture book, think Gary Larson's Far side book with Family Guy humor.

Once again I want to thank everyone who has been reading and picking up their copy of Adventures of One Sock book. Thank you for your support! Your guys totally Rock!!

Monday, October 22, 2012


It's been awhile since I have posted anything on this blogger page. But just to let everyone know, we all have been okay. More Adventures of One Sock books were mailed this week. If you helped with the Kickstarter project and haven't received your book, please let me know. Also Magnets will be shipped out very soon, waiting for them to arrive in the mail. I hope that everyone has been enjoying their October, since it is the month of Halloween. Till the next update, hope all is well with everyone:)


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You did it!

So we made our Kickstarter goal in raising the funds for the next Adventures of One Sock book. This book will be titled "My Dog Rodger. We also have a new Artist, the talented Natalie Silva!

There is still 18 more days left on the Kickstarter page, anymore Pledges will go to making Adventures of One Sock into an APP! Also we will be turning "One Sock" in a Ebook:)

I want to thank everyone for their Love and support for Adventures of One Sock! This book would of been able to come alive without everyones help and support!

We are still doing our Giveaway for having over 100 followers on our facebook fan page.

I will be posting pics and progress reports on how the new Adventures of One Sock book is going. Thanks again to everyone out there who helped make this dream once again come true!