Wednesday, June 13, 2012

You did it!

So we made our Kickstarter goal in raising the funds for the next Adventures of One Sock book. This book will be titled "My Dog Rodger. We also have a new Artist, the talented Natalie Silva!

There is still 18 more days left on the Kickstarter page, anymore Pledges will go to making Adventures of One Sock into an APP! Also we will be turning "One Sock" in a Ebook:)

I want to thank everyone for their Love and support for Adventures of One Sock! This book would of been able to come alive without everyones help and support!

We are still doing our Giveaway for having over 100 followers on our facebook fan page.

I will be posting pics and progress reports on how the new Adventures of One Sock book is going. Thanks again to everyone out there who helped make this dream once again come true!


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