Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why the Book Series?

Adventures of One Sock by Roy Ruiz
I’ve always been a story teller by nature, I love reading to my kids but mostly making up stories to entertain them as well. It seemed only natural that I would turn that into a children’s book for my son. He’s 6 and at the age of 3 we were told that he had Autism, it hasn’t always been a easy road but writing about him has made it easier for me as a father. When I decided to turn it into a published series I let Racer pick the artist he liked best, he was and has been part of the entire process since the start, its been a great bonding experience to say the least.
My first book is called Adventures of One Sock "The Lion" . I have also recently started a kickstarter account to help me fund the rest of the series.  I’m hoping to raise awareness for Autism and for my son through this series, through some of the light-hearted adventures that my son and family have found ourselves in.  The kickstarter account can be found at:

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