Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Why I Wrote my Children's Book"

Many people ask me this all the time. If you follow me on twitter then you know that my other tag name is "Securityfiles" and that I'm writing a book about my old job running a security team for movie sets for the past 15 years. Now that book is a little more adultish than my latest "Adventures of One Sock". I've always wanted to writes a book aimed at children, I'm that guy who would wake up every Saturday morning to watch the whole cartoon line up til around noon.

(Of course they don't have cartoons on that late anymore, since our children should be out exercising rather than stay inside watching toons)

Now this is also before they have Nick and Cartoon network where you can watch cartoons 24/7. So for years I've made little books about our cats we had (which we had tons of) but as years went by I was never able to find that niche. Even after having kids I still wanted to do a children's book, but wasn't too sure on the angle. I always written short stories but mostly about horror or creatures that go bump in the dark. Then when I started my security job working on film sets, I was able to teach myself  how to write scripts from reading every script left on the floor or movies that I worked on.

(You can always find a copy of the script in the script supervisor's chair)

Working this one location "Ambassador Hotel" I came up with a cartoon idea, but as I got more into the story I turned the humor into a Family guy type series. The name of the cartoon series is called "Pet Palace" I recieved many good laughs and feedback from it. (still hoping to get sold)  I figured hey here's my cartoon I always wanted to do, but the only problem is that it wasn't aimed for every kid.

Then the year came when we were told our Son was diagnosed with Autism. Of course I had no clue what that was, other than it explaining why he was behind in his speech and words and being social. Of course many of you parents out there know the frustrations and no sleep at night dealing with your children who have special needs. That's when I started reading many parents stories about their children and their hardship. I can relate to many stories, and that's when I thought wait. Why Don't I write about my son's journey and adventures with Autism, but in a lighter note.

(Now since the book has been released I've been told my book isn't autism enough. Also been told that I sold out the Autism community. This is my vision, and I wanted a book based off my son's life with autism but write it so every child or adult who's a child at heart can enjoy. I've also recieved many great thanks and applause for doing a great job)

 I feel from all the thing's our son has put us through as a family I can  only look back and laugh. I'm sure many parents out there feel the same. Now I wasn't going to get this book out there til after my Security book came out. But after a situation where our landlord sold the house we were renting from with out telling us, living at our house became very stressful. From a stepson who caused damage among the kids and house and continuesly lied to neighbors and teachers to finding a place to live and a place for our dog. Everything was happening way too fast and not enough money to get the things we needed done. So I rolled the dice and made a decision, and spent the money we don't have and pay for an artist and editor and get 'Adventures of One Sock" out there. The next step was to let the stepson leave to his dad's, since that's where he wanted to live. One he was gone I put my concentration on making the rest of the kids happy.

So I came up with stories, found myself a great Artist (Valerie Bouthyette) a great Editor (Julie Rodriguez) and with the help of my girl came up with the title "Adventures of One Sock". Now for those who asked why "One Sock?" Well because my son "Racer" walks around the house with just One Sock. I kid you not.

The process wasn't as easy as the Create Space said it was but after many fixes, our book arrived and on the same date as my son's (Racer) birthday. When the kids seen the book arrive at the house, they were over joyed once again, and this really made me smile cause they were smiling and once again happy. My oldest daughter came over to me and told me that even though we might be homeless you proved that we still have a chance  and that it wasn't so bad moving anymore. After reading it to my son and my kids, I found they loved the book and still read it even tho the book is only 24 pages long, the still continue reading the book.

Even if the book doesn't become a best seller, it will always be to my kids and myself since this book raised their spirits up once again and it's great to see everyone happy and smiling once again. I'm really happy that Racer loves the book since it is about his Adventures:)


  1. wow this was very touching. You not only ate a good person but an amazing Dad as well. Life comes to us with many challenges and it takes a strong mind and a strong heart to conquer it all. My kids and I are looking forward to many more of Racer's adventures and of course I'm looking forward to yours too!! Keep living your dream.......Rocio :)

  2. I am looking forward to reading your book! Your story was real and one that many parents most likely can identify with. Thank you for hopefully one of many Racer's adventures to come!! My own son is on the autism spectrum & I have wanted to try my hand at writing childrens' books...maybe I will try this winter! :D