Sunday, August 28, 2011

Book/School Update!

What a busy week, the kids finally stated school again, and it took a while for them to get back to their sleeping schedules but after a few days i think they're finally there. I hae to admit I was nervous about racer being in 1st grade, he's now at school all day long. My first concern was bullies but hopefully being in a big family with brothers and sisters he will be able to manage it. This week was not just school for everyone but also racer's Birthday and also his book release which came out the same day as his birthday. Isn't that Ironic. So I talked with the principal for the kids school and will be donating a couple of books to their library, and another for the Special needs class. The Principal also wants to send a book over to another school for their special education class. September is also their book fair and they want to highlight "Adventures of One Sock" in the event so the other students can see that their fellow student (racer) is a character in a book.

Just hoping racer doesn't get shy or bothered with the attention.

Don't forget to follow the "Adventures of one Sock" here on blogger and you can also now purchase your copy of the book over at  great story for your kids and people who are just a kid in heart. The book is now available on Amazon too! Enjoy:)

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